Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fabric Heaven!

One of the most exciting thing to anticipate when going back home is my visit to the fabric shop!

Where rows and rows of fabrics are waiting for my fancy! Piles of colors and pattern! and for the price so small it makes you tingle!

can you spot the perfect charcoal grey and white stripes crush!

ikat !!!


Dreamy florals!

and look at these eclectic fabrics!

room for endless creativity and combinations!

and ofcourse how could I part with this classic crisp white beauty!

Looking back at these I am deeply yearning for the ones I left behind! coz I already have an entire suitcase dedicated to these! I will soon be sharing my collection and the bed linens I got tailored! Can't wait to set it all up and share!

Have a fab day ahead!

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