Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Room Makeover: Design Details

 This was the room before.. And I loathed it.. not any more.. coz it went from this


To this...

So what I did here was.. break the giant bare white wall into structure with the wainscoting.. and make it the feature wall with the help of color.. so a really bold, dark, intense color just filled the room with character.. To be honest I was a bit intimidated when the first coat was applied.. But I am in LOVE with the end result..

Than came the bedding.. I ALWAYS ALWAYS felt that what this room needs the most is help with the bed.. If you notice the headboard in the first two pics you will see that it is a huge wooden headboard which has alot of height somethig which just cannot be covered with two simple pillows and ordinary lamps.. Fortunately, I stumbled onto these gorgeous oversized headboard pillows which are amazingly squishy and comfortable.. and covered the width perfectly! Ofcourse all blue and the brown just evoked the Ralph Lauren look which had to be there in the bedding.. So this is my version of the basic white cotton bedding..

My greater focus for the lamp was the HEIGHT!!.. I wanted height.. I wanted them to stand out, either on the same level of the headboard or bigger..   So I found these beauties, which turned out to be perfect. Both in their gold carving_ which added beautiful details with the wainscoting_ and their round plates contrasted beautifully with the straight lines of the wainscoting and the headboard..  And ofcourse their height was perfect..  

To the rainbow I added a frame and painted around the wainscoting..

For the curtains ( My appologies for the quality of the picture.. for all the shots were taken an hour before I was flying out of town and I haven't been there till now..) I kept the white cotton drapes as the same and only added two chiffon drapes to the railing. one panel was white vintage lace.. and the other is two toned fawn taupe shade.. Now the curtain makes beautiful feminie touch.. and I would love to add a lace or trimmings..

I hope you can see it better in this pic!

And the angle in the the wall got a beautiful gold framed mirror...

I hope you enjoyed the design details.. there is alot more to add.. but I think these were the major design issues that were handled in this room..

Stay tuned for a tutorial on wainscoting. Which I will be posting soon..

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Room Project: Revealed

Well here is the room project photos that I completed this summer.. Its mostly DIY.. with a very limited budget and alot of furniture restrictions.. Here are the before pics and the details and Here and Here are the inspirational posts..

Next I will be sharing all the details and the nitty gritty of the project..

So far just the feast for the eye.. I would love to hear your comments and thoughts..

Have a brilliant week ahead!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Room Project: Sneak peak

Here is a little sneak peak from my room project.. :)

More to come on it soon!

Here are the Before pics..

Room Project: Before pics

It feel like ages since i blg last time.. and i am sure it has been as well.. But i am most excited to be back and I have loads to share.. I have two BIIIG projects to reveal.. and the first stop is this room! my room back home! These are the Before pics.. It desperately needed help for sure!

The room is a good spacious room with lots of white bare walls.. The furniture seem to fall loosely around with nothing to pull it together.. My sister painted the rainbow for my little girl when she was born and it held its own meaning..

There is this angle to thge wall which makes it difficult to place side tables alongside the bed.. Than there is this niche, which was initially painted red to add color to the room but looked pretty lame actually!

Apart from the bed and the side table the room has this black couch and a big bearly dark brown desk which is used a s a work table and a baby changing table simultaneously.  

More to come on this soon...