Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy weekend!

The weekend is here and I am settling in the mood... It has been a busy inspiring week.. and I am really looking forward to the family and cooking time that I am going to have.. Ummm Yes I am upto a little something... and ofcourse I will let you all in on that once it matured enough to be announced.. Meanwhile, here is the motive that I designed to go on top in the middle of the bench.. I am obsessesd I know... But that is just me!.. :) Lemme know what do you think! You like it hate it... think it should be different! Hmmm I want to know.. Personally I LOVE it.. I am a little bit extremely proud of myself.. :)

Have a great relaxing weekend! And come back again energized and vitalised on monday!

See you monday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lonny, Rue and Trad-home

My eyes have been completely glued to the Computer screen for the past ummm almost 12 hours.. I have been finding excuses to run back to the computer to read every word, picture, detail, link of lonny..


                                                                               rue Issue 5

And my next stop is trad-home!! I am already rubbing my hand in anticipation and my teeth gleaming with the thought of devouring it! GOsh i love online magazines! and such good ones!!

Happy reading everyone!!

Harlequin Bath rugs

I am in love with these bathmats from Ballard Designs! And my personal preference will ofcourse be the black and white one.. Although my bathroom is all offwhite and peach!

Black and white bench!

Heeey everyone.. Here is the tufted black and white bench that I recieved.. hmmm needs sprucing up.. Don't you think!! I am going for an embroidered motif for the base.. Annd

I am fancying chrome legs! hmmm.. How would I go about that!! I don't know.. But I guess I will find a way!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black and white and yellow bedroom: Progress

SO far the progress on the room is:

Given the white curtains with black borders..

THe headboard has gone for the upholstery and tufting..

The X bench inspired upholstery for the bench at the foot of the bed..

I have a few reservations about what the craftsmen got out of my draft.. I am pretty surethe curtains will come out without the bottom border and well lets see.. Fingers crossed.. I am expected to recieve the deliveries sometime soon today!

Have a Happy and a loaded of work day! :)
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Black, White and Yellow

I am so glad to declare that Osayed(my husband) changed the color scheme of the room, and now we are working on a black, white and YELLOW!! room.. :) Cheeerrs!! wow.. i am so excited having a canary yellow in my room rather than the robin blue that I planned initially.

I am always warm to yellow, but its the first time I am harbouring it for my living space! Truly excited.. I will keep you posted.. Here are some black, white and yellow inspirations!


image source: homeideasdesign

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lahore Fort

During my visit last week one of the marked feature of the Mughal Empires that we visited wasThe Lahore Fort. With its marvellous architecture and engineering techniques, it never cease to inspire and enthrall me.. The grandeur, the art genius, the luxurious lifestyle reflected through every stone and carving.. Everything just speaks for itself of the glorious times!

Front gate of Lahore Fort
The entire old city of Lahore boosts amazing cultural and antique shops, that are a treat for locals and vistors . Here are some of the fantastic inspirations I found in the shop! Believe  me there were tons! Everytime I visit this place I vow to do a place which showcases around the grandeur and the antiquity of the Mughal era! Wow that would be such a dream home! Imagine a bathroom inspired by Sheesh Mahal (Palace of mirrors) where one candles lights up the entire room!

I leave you with some great Monday morning inspiration!

Have a lovely morning!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It feels so good to be back here typing and writing a new blog post.. I had been back home for the past three weeks and it has been an exhilirating and inspiring tour. We visited the northern areas which are the reath taking and culturally rich hills and mountains.. you just cant get enough of the beauty!

Experienced snow fall for the FIRST time! Yes for most of you it must be a shock but that is the truth about us plateau people!

sight seeing..

fun projects..

lots of fabrics and looooads of inspirations..

Lots more to tell and share which will be coming soon! More on the projects that  I attempted at home and the one I am about to take over here!