Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tree houses


What a sweet retreat! I LOOOVVVEE the idea of a tree house! It makes me swoon everytime I think about it! I dream and dream and dream of a beautifl tree house for ourselves! and not just one for the kids to play in but something romantic and secular and totally fun and ofcourse architectrally and interior wise beautiful!!

Something like the amazing tree houses featured in this article!

Its just going to make you smile and dream on and even amaze you! :)

Have a wonderful day!!

P.S. Are your heads running with the designs for the interiors of  a tree house!?!? :) I know min is!! :)

image source www.toxel.com

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party!

Its the time to party! And that too a blog party!!

I am so excited to be a part of it.. Although I fear that I might be a little late in joining in! However better late than ever.

Thankyou for dropping by my site. I hope you enjoy your time here and find some inspiration..

I am Samia.. currently a stay at home mom to a snazzy toddler girl! My husband is a really sweet guy who is total fun to be around and like a real best friend! I-share-every-dirty-little-secret-with-him sorta guy.. Three years into the marriage and so far it has been a fun roller coaster ride.. He is an SAP consultant, which means that we move around thge globe from project to project. In these three years we have moved 9 times!!, packing, repacking, unpacking included ,sometimes on a days notice!!

I started blogging during pregnancy, due to lack of work for me and abundance of inspiration here in the blog world. I just had to join in to contribute my part. It has been a wonderful journey. I am learning at every step and figuring things out for myself.

This blog is primarily about interiors and design coz I am obsessed with it, but knowing myself it branches into a little bit of crafting, some photography, party plannings, table setting and daily inspirations. However at the end of the day the most important job of our lives takes over and that is being a mommy!! So you will find a bit of mommy stuff there too..

I am excited about joining into the blog party! You can join in as well and win some fabulous prizes for yourself as well!! the likes:

A full blog design!!!
A complete blog makeover!!

Best of luck with that! And hope you join in on the fun and hope you come back again as well!!

All the best!

Inspiration: Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things!

Her quirky pink wallpapers!

Her beautiful collections and tablescapes!

Her GORGEOUS!! GORGEOUS!! chairs!!!!

Her ginger jars and blue china and boxes!!

Her choice of water color paitings!

Her mismatched cushions!

Her shop Black and Spiro!

And ofcourse we all love her for bringing us friday flowers!

For Alll these reasons and many more Anna Spiro is the One and only one person, who is my earliest inspiration, and the only one person who inspired me to start my own blog! I love her style , the colors, the mismatched patterns, the blue china and ceramics. Everytime I am at her blog I am inspired in whole new ways!

For this reason I have decided to spruce up a room Anna Spiro Style! I really hope I can accomplish that, coz my personal style is a bit more modern and minimalist than hers. But for once in my entire life I want a room fuullll of pattern and fun objects and cushions and ceramics and evvvverything over the top and ofcourse ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

And I do happen to have the perfect setting to do that!

Really just close your eyes and imagine for a second this room filled with quirky obects from Black and Spiro!

I am suuuuuper excited! this is going to be a real fun project!! I really hope I can come up to the expectation!

This is my mom's lounge which has plenty of fun basic furniture items, but is bare when it comes to accessories! I am so looking forward to the awesome patterns and cushions and tablescapes that can be brought into this place to spruce it up! Cherishing, loving and  planning for every detail possible!

I will be posting other inspirations and finds as well as the moodboard soon!

Here you can enjoy the amazing dose of inspiration from absolutelybeautifulthings! Enjoy!

All images, except the last three, courtesy absolutelybeautifulthings

Welcoming Spring!

I was desperately in need of some flowers for my room and was telling my husband for quite some time.. But unfortunately on our long drives at night all the flower shops would close! Despite his best effortss he could not find me the desired flowers! This weekend however, when we took Inu for her share of fun at the rides I finally found the flower shop at the corner of the mall which had all sorts of lovely flowers! Daisies vs orchids vs bamboo shoots vs peonies! I ended up with a bunch of these gorgeous lillies!! When I bought them none of the flowers had blossomed! But now...

third one is blooming as well .. sitting so happily on our window..

 Its amazing what a bunch of lillies can do to your room!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Reads!

The weekend is coming to an end soon and i am curled up in my bed under the effect of the medicines I have just taken! My baby just passed the flu to me!  And i am sniffing constantly as I am writing this! But here are some amazing reads I just went through today. Enough to make me sit up and share it with you!

If you are a fan of food and travel as well as interiors than this magazine will give you everything that you ask for! It has tons of materials on everything. From food to thrift plaes in the places they take you. Great as a retreat for a sick weekend!

is packed with style and beauty and pretty images! A must stop for some weekend inspiration!
Here is another interesting link I bumped into and loved http://lainbloom.blogspot.com/. Its a brunch recipe and I loved the whole idea of it and the biscotti looks amazing!!

My next stop is 

The title looks as intriguing as the rest and the issue is amazing as promised! I love that dresser Weeand what a nice place to take a title shot!

Enjoy your weekend!