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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am in love with.. 


I was flipping through my 'I Love" folder and I noticed the abundance of this lovely pattern.. I am not i love I am shamelessly helplessly obsessed!

image source royaldesignstudio

image source organized-design

image source www.younghouselove
 Just can't seem to get enough of it!

You might very well imagine what the wallpaper of my new room is giong to be! love it on the walls, on the floors, on the bed spreads and accents! you name it. And the colors are superb as well! Kravet has some amazing colours and patterns which look superb on cushions!

I loved that DIY lampshade by organized-design  Here you can find the tutorial and the template for the lamshade. The CSI Project has some amazing transformations as well. Here you can view the free template as well as two amazing DIY's.

And there might be some nice DIY in the making as well for myself! I don't know! I am seriously tempted!!

Have a fabulous day ahead!!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I thought it would be a great start to a Monday by sharing some gorgeous pics. Here is the beautiful Sharjah skyline at a light festival held here in Sharjah. The whole building was illuminated with a simple projector!

Seeeee!!! It was a marvellous show! with lights and effects and stories!

The buildings looked so beautiful it was surreal! It was amazing how a little bit of imagination and hard work turned these architectral masterpieces into art to marvel!

I wish Osayed (my husband) had taken a closer view of this! How beautiful it would have looked on my desktop screen saver!

The light show was accompanied by the dancing fountains as well.. And with the right music they told the entire history of U.A.E on these walls! Amazing Don't you think!

And here is a little bit of my honey bun Inayah! These days I am hard at work at my quaintessetial photography skills for the blog. Not surprisingly my husband Osayed is so much better at it. And SURPRISINGLY! I am finding this sorta difficult task to handle! But I am bent_ hard or not I am gonna be there.. These days you will find me running around the house with my nikon camera dangling from my neck and the camera manual in my hand taking shots evvverywhere. Just trying to figure out the aperture, and the white balance story!

This image was taken by husband!

And here is my shot!

hmmm Getting better! At least from where I started from! If only I had managed to capture a better look and at an angel which would hide the imerfections of her look rather than highlighting the dangling hairpins and the wet shirt front!
But What the Heck! Here it goes my photography  week!
I will be head over heels in photography and will keep you posted! Wish me all the luck possible!

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Black and white moodboard

dorothy draper chest image via
black and white tufted headboard image via style court
bed sheets images via
side table image via
crystal bricks lamps image via
chevron rug image via courtneyoutloud
monogrammed pillows image via chicdeac
fabrics for the cushions image via manolohome
Yuvans geometric reversed turquoise wallpaper image via  wandrlust

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

black and white bedroom inspiration

Here are some of the inspirations for the black and white room that I am designing for myself here in Dubai! Really excited about the project coz this would a clor scheme which is pretty close tomy heart and goes limitless in its look and creativity! Some eye candy!

Black and white tufted headboard,
monogrammed duvet,
white sunburst mirror,
bench at the foot of the bed,
geometric black and whitefabric, white side tables, white curtains with black trims.

Turquoise walls, black and white trimmed pillows and curtains, black and white geometric art and bold patterned duvet, white lamps.

dark statement walls, white decals, monogrammed pilows, black and white accent pillows, chrome pendant statement light

White room with black edges and turquoise accents, white tufted headboard with black rim, turquoise bench at the foot of the bed, black and white roman patterned shades, turquoise lamps

Tufted headboard, in neutral with accent color highlight, neutral wall, accent gray lamps and pillows and the bench at the foot of the bed, variation in the accents, lchrome lamps brocade cushions, patterned fabric all in the same hue.

Turquoise geometric wallpaper, groupings of photos in black and white, tufted headboard, chrome lamps, white shades, black and white trimmed covers, accent color duvet, white an black rug, white curtains.

dark walls, white and black headoard, white mirror, bold black and whtkie patterend accents, crystal lamps, black shades, white sidetables, table as the bench

Black and white bold wallpaper, white base and black trimmed cushions, yellow accents, tufted headboard, white sideboard, white and black textured rugs

image 1 shelter
image 2 houseofturquoise
image 3 desiretoinspire
image 4,5 signedbytina\
image 6 unknown
image 7 unknown

Monday, March 21, 2011

Detox Diet III

I blogged about detox here and here, its benefits and how its done, now all you have to do is to pair these methods with some pure self love and get ready to embrace a refreshed and energized you:

Here is what you have to do:

Detox bath

A detox bath routine starts with dry skin brushing _ a technique recommended other than detoxing as well.  Than comes the bath or shower with maximum hot water you can take to increase prespiration and finish off with cool water splash. You can use some bath salts as well as some seaweed to make the erasing of toxins deeper. Make your bath more luxurious with some aromatheraputic oils.

here is the entire detail availble which pretty much narrates all that I just expalined but I love viewing that page and its fun to imagine a luxurious bath like that so go ahead enjoy!

Here is another recipe for detoxifying salt soak and ginger bedtime bath as well as a professional detox bath recipe the likes for which our celebreties pay at luxurious spas!

Any detox diet can be and should be paired with any form of light exercise like aerobics, walk or yoga. Me being a complete yoga sucker for detox or not chose yoga naturally.  I did some treadmill as well for the increased blood circulation, but kept it very light and a minimum to 10 to 15 mins.

My yoga routine followed early morning 10 min ujay breaths with some stretchings for my legs and followed by some joint twists. And after that I followed sadie nardini'score work out for better abs. You can view the youtube video or choose something to suit your needs. Just make sure that you find a nice quiet room or nook with lots of natural light and white walls to do your routine. Always make sure that you do these routines on an empty stomach and whilst wearing loose clothes.

Detox foot massage

Detox foot massage technically involves some method of using electrolytes to detoxify_ something  I am sure works but is not just for me. There is a high recommendation of using foot patches as well, and it seems like a great technique to try as well, but in my opinion the simplest act of soaking feet in warm water with some salts and than massaging them gently with almond oil will do the trick as well.

Some other At Home Treatments are:

•Dry Skin Brushing

•Tongue Scraping

•Hot Shower Therapy

•Hot Towel Scrub

•Neti Pot for nasal cleansing

•Detoxifying Baths

•Homemade Salt Scrubs


•Healthy Sleep

•Pure Drinking Water

Special Outings or Assisted Treatments

•Sauna/Steam Room

•Mild Exercises

•Chi Kung (Qi Gong)


•Outdoor Adventures


Some Professional Treatments
•Body Work

•Swedish Massage

•Lymphatic Drainage Massage





•Maya Abdominal Massage

•Spa Treatments

•Seaweed Wraps

•Salt Glow

•Hot Stone Therapy

You can read about all of them and their details here


  • Listen to your body: Don't exert yourself or exercise too much or whatever. learn to listen what your body is saying.
  • SLEEEEP: At the right time and for normal  8 hours. That is the best wonder you can do to yourself
  • Give lots of love to yourself and enjoy the process. Usually its ourselves we take for granted the most!


For my part I wanted to reap the benefits of detox for a bit longer and after two weeks of living beautifully withour caffiene and fats and junk food I had no idea how to come back to my ld lousy habits. So here is what I did:

  • Started introducing more protein at the end of the detox as has been indicated in the menu.
  • Remained true to my green tea and kept the use of black tea and coffee to a minimum.
  • Stayed with my yoga routine.
  • Kept half of my salad bowl and smoothie meals as a part of my diet.
There you go my complete account of the detox series!

Here is to a sharper, brighter you with a glow in your skin, lustre in your hair, sparkle in your eyes, shine in your teeth, soundness in your sleep and skip (instead of aches and pains) in your gait! :)

Have a wonderful, beautiful, energizing day ahead!

Detox Diet part II

Okay here is the deal with detox: You need to concentarate on taking as many fruits and vegetables and antioxidents as you can in a day. Which means that your diet is primarily limited to friut salads and vegetable salads. Here I try to show you how to add variety to your healthy detox meal and how to make it delicious and oh so irresistable!

First thing first:
Upon rising
• 1/2 lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water
• 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds in a glass of water

        Lot of guides

Tea: You can take any herbal tea, but this is the recommendedone.
Ginger Tea Recipe

• water, 4 cups

• 2-inch piece of fresh ginger root

• optional: honey and lemon slice

Peel the ginger root and slice it into thin slices. Bring the water to a boil in a saucepan. Once it is boiling, add the ginger. Cover it and reduce to a simmer for 15-20 minutes. Strain the tea. Add honey and lemon to taste.

  • Vitamin C supplement after breakfast.
  • Multivitamin after lunch
  • GNC has a wonderful detox program. You can go to the store and ask for the detox kit. It comes with the entire menu and the supplemets as well as boosters which helps the body release toxins etc. I personally didnt follow that program but it has great views and if you are interested you can try for a better fitter version.

Now comes the diet: I used a combiation of soups, smoothies,desserts with my salads which was fun and appealing. This combination added variety and treats for my tatste buds, although I stuck with a few for more than a few days coz I loved them so much. Here is the plan day by day.



Breakfast: Omelete made of two eggs and cherry tomatoes, seasoned with thyme, salt and pepper.
                lmonds and walnuts on the side, ginger tea.
SNACK: smoothie of strawberries, orange, apple.
LUNCH: Mexican tomato soup, salad with hummus.
DINNER: Lentil curry.
SNACK: Orange and date dessert.


Breakfast: Banana, pears, apple, orange, salad topped with almonds, raisins and walnuts.
snack:       smoothie
lunch:        carrot and lentil soup, nut butter on wheat free toast.
dinner:      Spinach curry with wheat free pasta and stirfry veggies
Snack:       Date and rice krispie biscuits


Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad of your choice with ginger tea.
Snack:       Date and rice cripy biscuits
Lunch:       Carrot and lentil soup (leftover) with salad
Dinner:     Stirfried oriental broccoli.
Snack:      Fresh fruit juice


Breakfast: Start the day with cereal ( the recipe for detox cereal is given below)
Snack:      Cucumber and celery sticks with hummus
Lunch:      Chunky vegetable soup made from vegetable stock,
Dinner:     Marinated vegetable kebabs
Dessert:    Apple sauce


Breakfast: Compote of mixed dried fruits- soaked in orange juice and served with live youghurt
Snack:       vegetable broth
Lunch:      Masoor dahl curry
Dinner:     A selection of roasted vegetables aubergines, beetroot, onions, tomatoes, courgettes with
                pumpkin seeds and crumbled goat cheese on top.
Dessert:   Pomegranate ice


Breakfast: Mediterranean omelet made of red onion, cherry tomatoes and courgettes
Snack:      Strawberry juice
Lunch:      Popcorns popped at home without butter from the organcic corns served after or before fruit

Dinner:     Fish fillet and tomato salad
Snack:      crumbles made with oats and crushed nuts toppings

                                                                     via house of brinson

Breakfast: Oat porridge made of old fashioned oats and served with your choice of non dairy milk, fruit
                 and honey
Snack:      smoothie
Lunch:      Pasta made with simple tomato sauce and served with steamed veggies
Dinner:     MAshed potatoes with hummus and red beans served with salad
Snack:      Orange and date dessert



Breakfast: Poached organic eggs with steamed spinach
Snack:       Strawberry, orange and papaya smoothie
Lunch:       Chiled beetroot soup
Dinner:     Oriental stirfried broccoli
Snack:      Nuts and fruit


Breakfast: Detox cereal
Snack:      Date and ice krispy biscuits
Lunch:      Steamed broccoli sprinkled with sesame seeds and beets served on lemon juice and brown
Dinner:    Asian potato and egg curry
Snack:     Nuts and dried cranberries
Breakfast: Fruit salad (I was hooked to my early morning large bowl of bananas, grapes, pears and
                 strawberries topped with tons of almonds and walnuts)
Snack:      orange juice
Lunch:      Spinach soup
Dinner:     Tomato and chickpea casserole
Snack:      nuts and dried figs
Breakfast: Oat porridge
Snack:       strawberry, mango and avocado smoothie
Lunch:       Goat's cheese salad with walnuts sprinkled on top
Dinner:     Baked sweet potato with roasted vegetables ( Follow the recipe given below it is delish)
Snack:      nuts and raisins
Breakfast: Poached organic eggs with steamed spinach
Snack:       strawberry , orange and papaya smoothie
Lunch:      Baked potato with Greek salad_ Feta cheese, onion, cucumber, black olives and tomatoes
Dinner:    Baked salmon with vegetables of your choice
Snack:     apple sauce
Breakfast: Omelet and fruit salad
Snack:      vegetable broth
Lunch:      Spinach soup
Dinner:     BBQ chicken with hummus and salad
Snack:      Roasted mashed sweet potato and ginger tea
Breakfast: Fruit salad
Snack:      citrus smoothie
Lunch:      sweetcorn soup
Dinner:    Beef steak with baked vegetables (coz you are coming off the diet)
Snack:     popcorns
Here are the links to all the recipes that are included in my menu. There are loads of recipes and data available on the net. You can determine your own plan and make your choices. But these are the tried and tested recipes.
Detox cereal
Detox soup
Detox Salad
Detox Dinner choices
Detox Desserts
Fruit Smoothies
And all the beautiful images that you see which are not labelled with the source are from angelahardison. Its a wonderful link to follow and a great source of wonderful recipes as you can see from the images. It is not entirely aimed at detox, but seems to be rising from the same theory. A wonderful place for all nutirition lovers and not.
Tomorrow I will be back on all the wonderful accompaniments of detox diet, which will turn this experience more heavenly and divine for you leaving you on the seventh sky!
Hope you enjoyed the post! Feel free to add in, leave comments, enlighten or share more recipes and sources.
Have a great Week ahead!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Detox Diet: Part 1

For the past two weeks I have been on a detox, a diet specifically designed for the body to remove all its toxins and waste and as a result rejuvenate and allow it to function better. Which means no processed food, no sugars or high fat, no complex carbs, and no caffiene ( which explains my absence from my blog!! I fell asleep so easy! )

The foods that you can have are all sorts of fruits and vegetables, organic yoghurt and cheese( in the strictest versions even the milk and dairy is not allowed) herbal teas and large doses of antioxidents such as strawberries, blueberries, garlic, ginger, citrus, green leafy vegetables etc.

Believe it or not the food that I had in the last two weeks had been DELiclious!! and filling! I immensely enjoyed taking the light foods and the soups and salads. You can only imagine what good they are doing to your body!

Looking at these pictures make me want to go back to the diet again!

Detox is not easy! Well at least that is what I realised. It requires alot of planning and cooking because your meals are different from those of the rest of the family. In most cases people fumble when it comes down to plannings of the meals. i think I scored a ten this time around in my meal plannings, coz they turned out to be delicious, ontime and had a wonderful effect on me. Whatever the procedures they are worth the effort and work.

The obvious benefits that you will reap at the end of the detox are:

1. Glowing skin
2. skip in your feet.
3. lustrous hair.
4. rejuvenated
5. recovered from indigestion or piles or any other mild dietary condition.
6. better immune system
7. better and more sound sleep

Not only you will recieve compliments from people around you, you will feel the difference yourself. However, it does'nt come easy. At the onset of your detox program you may feel certain unpleasant symptoms such as:

1. light headedness
2. headaches
3. lathargy
4. dampened spirits
5. in extreme cases nausea

These symptoms normally occur due to the sudden absence of caffiene from our diet or other complex carbs and high energy sugars and fats. You can make the transition easier by starting to prep for the diet by cutting down on the caffiene and other complex foods so as to get your body accustomed to the new regime you are going to adopt.

Tomorrow I will be posting the two week detox diet plan and than I will be sharing with you guys some more tips and techniques to deepen the detox and make it more effective!

image 1
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6
image 7
image 8