Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I don't know how you guys do it.. but it takes me forever to go through an interior design magazine. I haven't even finished through Lonny yet!! And I have Matchbook and Adore lined  up as well. I just cannot flip through them. I have to soak up every detail and every image! And they have so much in them!

So folks! Its time for me to grab a cup of coffee and snuggle in the bed and read (sponge) on!

What a lovely thought to a weekend!

Happy reading!!

image sources: image 1 Lonny
                       image 2 Matchbook
                       image 3 Adore

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Home!

 Here is what my house looked like at the dinner we held for my moms community members.. We worked really really really hard over everything from food.. to the way we looked our place..

This is the console in the entryway.. Its a beautiful Chinese crafted mirror and console piece.. I used two wrought iron lamps to zing it up. I used the mirror to hold the candles and it worked pretty well..

This is the upstairs sitting area. The painting is a block printing panel and the clock is the thing my mom and dad bought for their room after marriage.. Its a pretty basic black clock.. the lamp was my sisters weaving project.. and the beauty of it is that it holds two bulbs facing downwards and upwards.. spreading more light and creating better effect..

 The dinning area..

I bought these mats from Thailand. They are a beautiful combination of bamboo and elephant motif lace! They are my favourite piece on the table. The china is my moms lovely china. I love the pattern and the color of these plates.

This is another table scape I created on the center table in the Drawing/Dinning area center table.

Our main sitting area is completely ethnic. From the furniture pieces to the fabric to the carving, it all echos ethnicity. The photo below is of the "Jhola" (day bed which is like a divan but is attached to a frame for pedestals and it actually swings)

The deep red cushion covers were last minute slip covers crafted out of the Greek bordered panels I created as the backdrop of my dessert table.. I wish I could find the purple ones too..

This is the better view of the jhola..

The center table as well is beautifully crafted.

This is the entire view of the room.. I wish I had taken the better view of the art on the walls coz they are my fav pieces.. and I wish it wasn't blurred like this!! 

This is my moms place..

I need to nudge nudge nudge myself to sharpen my photography skills coz as I am going through these pieces.. I know how many more lovely angels I am missing out and that I need to share..

But this much for now..


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Casa Hamza

One of the highlights for me this year was to be interviewed at Casa Hamza.. Hamza Tarar is an interior decorator with impressive achievements to his name. He has worked with the likes of Phillipe Starck and Romero Britto.Hamza Tarar

I was really looking forward to being selected and going to his showroom and meeting him in person. Wasn't really expecting because my CV and portfolio (whatever that means to me) was and is entirely this blog. So for me to hear from them was pretty exciting. I am glad that the opportunity of an apprenticeship was open for all_ those who had interior designing backgrounds and those who didn't. Lucky for us Hamza Tarar himself had no formal qualifications in interior design.

The interview time for me was about 20 mins and it took place in his chic office. The whole showroom was a sight in itself. The store showcases brands like Versace, Fendi, etc..

I was sitting downstairs waiting for my turn on this Versace sofa and isn't this pendulum light just amazing!. It was so hard to resist the urge to upset the pendulum just a wink. It looked so pretty and so touch-me-not!!! The whole time I was there all I could think of was if i had it in my place what would Inayah do to it!

Here are some of the questions of the interview, which I found interesting and which I'd want to share with you all. It means that I am skipping all the what did you do and how you are here questions..

Okay one more thing. Is it only me or its everyone that every time you go back to the questions you find the right answer a better answer so here i will be giving both

HT. Why Deep Purple and Blue?

Me. Because I was sitting at home doing nothing, so I sort of stumbled to this blog absolutely beautiful things and soon I got involved so much that I had to start my own to share and store my ideas.

HT. Why interiors? Why not something else?

Me. Ummm.. Because i was inspired so much. ( the right and better answer: because this was something I could stay up doing all night. The criteria to start a blog was to find a niche you could write 10 articles in a day. and Felt that I could do that or wanted to do that)

HT. What is your style like? Which designer do you think is closest to you?

Me. Nate Berkus.

HT. Why?

Me. Umm because his work is minimal, more modern. For instance Kelly Wearstler is bit over the top for me. Vicentte wolf is bit mature for me. So Nate is more to this date. And he was m earliest inspiration. (better answer: My taste went from nothing to modern to vintage and now it sort of is in the balance of it all. and I find some of that in Nate's work. )

HT. If you had to blog about this room what would you write? :)

Me. I would talk about the sophistication of this room and the great French chair. And everything the chandelier (which I totally loved) the all black accessories.

HT. Okay and what would you change in this room if you had to?

Me. ummm... Those chairs ( Christopher Gyle signature chairs.. which weren't usually in the office but were brought in for the interview)

HT. Those are Christopher Gyle chairs..

Me. ummm.. yeah..but perhaps in some other color.. they are just not me..

HT. Maybe.. But these are the original Christopher Gyle chairs.. What else?

Me. ummm.. perhaps add white.. This room is too dark for me.. (The room had walls of ash grey curtains.. and the rest of the room as you can see here.. The table was a marvelous pattern.. or maybe i wanted it to be..
however i liked it.. ) Perhaps add white walls or something.. just add white in here.. ( the better answer: I will  leave all the accessories and the furniture black as it is.. and have white chiffon curtains as walls with black trimmings.. and the ceiling too will be white with black details. The ceiling was black and had a checkered detail on it..)

HT. How did you came to hear about Casa Hamza?

Me. It was accidental.. I was running through the pages of a magazine and the apprenticeship program just came up. I looked up on the net and was amazed by all your work and the details and the luxury living showroom. I mean it was pretty exciting to see all those things i blog about here in Pakistan.. I mean its the first time we can see ghost chairs in Pakistan. ( the chairs for the interviewee were ghost chairs).

HT. People think why do I have plastic chairs in my office..

Me. They do?!?!.. I know.. how things work  here

HT. And do you think the big black foot and the smoke chairs are too much for the Pakistani taste as well..

Me. I do.. yes it is.. It needs a bit of coaxing..

HT. Okay.. and how do you think you will do that.. Lets say you were to put a horse in the lounge of a client.. you have decorated it all.. white and modern and everything but you want to add the horse there.. how would you do that..

Me. ummm... well... I will convince them,, that this is how it is working.. and..

HT. How will you convince them.. For instance.. I am the father.. this is my wife.. and my daughter ( assistants). How will you convince us.. Convince me..

Me. Well.. ummmm.. being a blogger.. I am a visual person.. and I know that images can make you change mind about things.. I will show them how it looks.. and you know put something in front of them.. which they can See.. and you know tell them the reason.. if I am putting it there.. it is for a reason of course.. so IL tell them the reason whether it is a coffee table or a statue or something.....

HT. No.. Well.. if I had to do it.. I will tell them that we have done their home in all white and modern and minimalistic.. but it needs an impact... a piece of art or sculpture.. and I think this horse will add that to your lounge ( the exact words that were in my mouth but had no idea how to put them... So this is the way its done.. his voice Was very convincing..)
Are you a person who finds it hard to change their designs according to the client's desires and needs?

Me. I am.. A little actually.. That was one of the reasons I didn't choose interior design as a profession earlier in life..

HT. Soo why now? What makes it different now? Why are you making this choice now?

Me. Because now I have someone to learn from.. (suggesting Hamza)

HT. Okay.. so you are willing to change and learn..

Me. Yes of course..

HT. Okay.. Well.. It was very nice meeting you.. and we would love to have you here... but the only thing I am concerned about is your dealings with the client..

Me. Nooo.. I wouldn't be worried at allll.. I am very good with people.. and am a fast learner.. If I were you I wouldn't worry about that at all.. It is only a matter of time I master it as well...

HT. So you are willing to adapt?

Me. Of course yes I am...

HT. Great.. Well we will be contacting you soon.. If you get selected for the second round..

And that was the end of my interview with Hamza Tarrar.. I think I did well.. And it was really nice being there... I was totally excited to be there.. and kept thinking to myself what a great and fabulous and amazing opportunity it would be to work with Hamza Tarrar and learn from a pro.. I am literally dying for this opportunity.. Its all i could wish for.. Sigh! .. and I know I can do this!

As far as i know.. based on this interview.. my name was shortlisted for the second round.. according to his face book page.. So lets see.. ;)

I was pretty thrilled with all the furniture there as well... and Hamza did tell me to research the brands he works for or with.. (I am not sure.. I think with.. ) I remember the two... and he mentioned them in the interview as well... so IL be doing them first that is Versace and Fendi.. :)

I hope you all enjoyed!

Here are some more lovely images from his show room for you all to enjoy..

Have a lovely day ahead!

Happy Monday!

My entire weekend, infact the whole week, was consumed by this dinner party we were holding for our community members. We worked really hard. The food turned out scrumptious. My desserts were amazing!! We transformed our entire place as well! Our home looked really pretty!

 here is a sneak peek..

This is the image of the console in the entryway.. Normally it is the dumping place for keys and bags and papers.. but for the occasion it became gorgeous like this! I particularly loved this image! Isn't it lovely!


Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Here I am sitting in front of the computer reminiscing 2010.. and thinking What DID i do in 2010? Here are the major goals met in the year 2010..

1. Created two dessert tables and a 3D soccer ball cake for my sweetie pie.. something I never imagined I could ever!!

The fact that I made the fondant as well was more than AMAZING!!!.. It turned out very satisfying the way the fondant rolled into the hexagonals and the way these hexagonals shaped up.. And yes I make the best mud cake ever! No doubt in that..

2. I also loved doing the dessert table for the wedding.. Something I never thought of doing as well!! The greek pattern bordered panels for the backdrop turned out to be my favorites.. there were some problems in the overall management of the event.. but a good wholesome experience..

3. Went to Dubai on routine trip.. and Thailand as a bonus

4. Decorated my room for the first time! Made the mood board, ordered furniture, crafted a few things.. Its not complete as yet.. but here is the sneak peek..

5.  Was interviewed with Casa Hamza.. I consider this an acomplishment in itself to be short listed on the basis of a blogger.. It was a dream come true actually meeting Hamza Tarrar the man who has build a place for himself amongst all these master minds..

There were some interesting questions in the interview.. so il be sharing them all here.. and there are some design details which I had been dying to share here.. perhaps in the next post..

6. Got done with my sister-in-law's wedding.. in which i was completely busy looking pretty!

Take care everyone!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We capped off 2010 with hustle and bustle of my sister-in-law's wedding. My contribution in it was to add the ethnicity.. and a dessert table.. unfortunately the dessert table was not lit enough to be shot well.. but there were and i worked really hard for all the arrangements... went totally crazy!!!! my sweetie pie too was ignored... but it went really well!!

Here are some of the pictures to share!

Happy New Year everyone! (I know I am a bit late)