Monday, October 17, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle little star_ Pink and Yellow birthday party Part II

And here my little daughter turned 2!
 looking so bewildered with all the spraying and all.. :)

This is her dessert table..

mini star cho-caramel cupcakes, birthday cake, date toffees, lemon tarts

Homemade strawberry ice cream

And this is the second post of Twinkle Twinkle little star birthday party, which I hosted for my lovely little "thing". I baked the cake and the cupckaes and toppings and tarts and everything from scratch.. Even the icecream was homemade.. The snacks and the drinks I did myself as well.. As well as the arrangements and all the tags and banners, invitations.. as well as the party hats. I guess I am just trying to drive home the fact taht what alot of work it was. But real fun ofcourse! I am ery happy with the end results! and so was everyone else! And I think that the party


I loved every moment of throwing this elaborate party. All the recipes and the printables I will be posting soon. Hope you enjoyed it.. And the face that Inayah is making in the second pic is a SMILE.. She makes that witch of a face everytime she faces a camera. or is asked to smile.. :)

Have a great day ahead!!

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