Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Love..

1. I am in love love love with these ceramics by diet lind wolf. There are a must on te list.

2. This Ona pitcher from crate and barrel had always always been on my list, and it is a staple for eery houselhold in my opinion..

3. My love for these owls is pretty recent. I was never too keen on them. But these are too cute for words.

4. These reusable baggy bags can be folded into a neat little pouch and can be easily stowed into a suitcase! Handy and trendy! what more can you ask for!

5. My recent discovery is this little textile shop from NYC. Their products are green and their textiles are original. This is my pick of the selection..

Hope you enjoyed my pick of the stores! Feel free to add on. I mean who does'nt like the pretty stuff!

2. Ona large pitcher
4. BAGGU reusable bags
5. Namad pillow


  1. Bag and Cushion are too pretty to miss :) lovely choice... cheers

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