Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Reads!

The weekend is coming to an end soon and i am curled up in my bed under the effect of the medicines I have just taken! My baby just passed the flu to me!  And i am sniffing constantly as I am writing this! But here are some amazing reads I just went through today. Enough to make me sit up and share it with you!

If you are a fan of food and travel as well as interiors than this magazine will give you everything that you ask for! It has tons of materials on everything. From food to thrift plaes in the places they take you. Great as a retreat for a sick weekend!

is packed with style and beauty and pretty images! A must stop for some weekend inspiration!
Here is another interesting link I bumped into and loved Its a brunch recipe and I loved the whole idea of it and the biscotti looks amazing!!

My next stop is 

The title looks as intriguing as the rest and the issue is amazing as promised! I love that dresser Weeand what a nice place to take a title shot!

Enjoy your weekend!

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