Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy cooking!

These days I am all about sharpening my cooking skills, and well here is what I did today!

Lemon Tart

Something I had set my eyes on for a long while.. and it was something which I wanted under my belt for a long time. Unfortunately could not take the image of mine.. but it looked something like this.. turned out scrumptious.. and no one is more pleased than I ...

Definitely under my belt now..

And some fried chicken..  a weakness I relish and savour.. I am so inspired by the flaky crust that the recipe features but which I failed to produce.. This is so darn frustrating.. there is one thing a girl wants.. fried chicken in a flaky crust but this just doesn't happen..
Fear not.. coz the strive for the perfect chicken is still on.. and that day is close when this trait will be under my belt as well...

neways it was fun running around and cooking these temptations... just what counts the most...

Here is to happy cooking!


image 2 thelovingspoonful

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full Length Mirrors

Before the eid vacations ad everything i started the pieces-I-absolutely-must-want-to-see in the room that i am decorating for myself. And this is the second must item on my list!! But this is like the moostt important one. Here are some of the inspirations i am looked up! But I have a few concerns with them!

I absolutely love love love this beautiful crocodile skin leather full length mirror!! But i a worried about my little toddler. Coz the thing is I just want it placed on the floor not like clipped to thge wall. And placing on the floor is not safe for my curious toddler.

OMG!!!! This mirror is an absolute absolute perfection. I just love it and it would be fabulous in my surroundings!! But the security issue... sigh... Its better to wait and crave for this!!

So comes in the mirrors with stands and a major plus.. They are adjustable! Which to me sounds good. This was the one available with a foothold! It looks good and pretty safe in my opinion!

And here is an oval option! I think I'd go for the oval one!! Don't you think its more cool!

And this is such a cutie!! I love this.. I think this is completely retro!! And totally gorgeously cooool!!

And here is a wrought iron option... hmmm can be considered!

A White ivory carved option.. hmmm not exactly crazy about it.. thought its beautiful... it just does'nt fit into my imagination!

Who'd have thought of a full length mirror which comes with a drawer to hold your vanity! But i think it is taking some of the beauty away from the mirror.. I rather wanted my ottoman to hold thge drawer rather than the mirror itself... so here is some food for thought for myself with all those options to consider.. or maybe i'l just bump into the ideal one.. Who knows!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black and white striped Parisian dessert table

Todays inspiration comes from the two lovely ladies at Mariah & Sham. The two designers,alongwith equally talented team, created this lovely table in Parisian tent with a theme that was based on giving a sweet touch to the glam. The entire table was set around the black and white stripes and the pattern was repeated throughout. And then it was all accented with pink! They have  the most perect explanation for their choices!

The effect is Goooooorgeous! Simply Amazing!!

 For more visual treat and the entire article as well as behind the scenes go here

And the beautiful chandelier monogram was repeated throughout the table. Isnn't it just awesome!!

source of images: Mariah & Sham

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Most people’s problem [with design] is.....

"Most people’s problem [with design] is that they always try to second guess - what do others think, is this right, will I like it, and is it conventionally correct? The chances that your gut is wrong is really small. It’s when you analyze and question that all the insecurities step in. When your vision is from the gut it’s your core talking and the core knows the right thing for you."

This article is inspired by renowned designer Vicente Wolf and his amazing words. We can all learn from them. This is what I learnt from this designer genius:

Trust your gut:

The hardest thing a beginner designer finds is to follow their gut. I mean I am really scared how it would turn out. How the room will turn out. The longer I take to take the action the more complicated it gets and soon i am questioning the entire theme, the color scheme, whether I want to live with it or not.

Be a sponge:

That is one thing we designers in the creative field love to do and it is acutely the reason why we are here everyday to see what else is waiting for us to inspire and move and relish.

The trick is the same soaking it up, but apply it in detail. Soak up everything in the blog field your favourite bloggers, the history, the classics, the antiques, soak up the night markets or the antique shops, the culture, or simply the world that surrounds you like even at your grocery store! Inspiration could be laying anywhere.

Never let your creative juices run dry. Just soak up everything! After all interiors are about 90% of input and 10% of productive output. Correct me if I am wrong.

What is the hardest thing beginner's find in your opinion?