Friday, July 30, 2010

My little angel turning 1 !!!!!


Hey folks!!!.. how is everything going.. I know I have not been around for a while.. Been arranging for this party like anything.. and here it is.. first experience.. couple of mistakes.. The biggest one.. NOT TAKING ENOUGH PHOTOS!!!

I also made the lollipops and white chocolate and lime mousse cake which were not shot!!

I baked the soccer ball cake all by myself including making the fondant and everything else which turned out yum.. other than the dessert table and the decoration my focus was on preparing a meal for 20 people.. which too turned out yum but all that took my attention away from the dessert table.. :)

With the decorations the banner turned out better than I expected it to.. the pom poms i initially tried planned to hang on thge table but they were to small to make any impact.. so instead i placed them on thge table.. the balloons couldnt float so they had to e taped on the side.. in short alot of last minute changes.. 

The party was really fun.. I loved working really realy really hard for everything.. it might not be perfect but I made some good memories.. The best part making a disaster of a chocolate crown than finger licking it away with Inayah.. :) Here is me and Inayah