Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1st Birthday Party Ideas

The two projects that I am working on right now. One, the bigger one, is to arange a costume birthday party for my sweet little angel Inayah on her first birthday in Ummm August. Yes its not that close but when ambitions are high and budget is small all you can do is careful planning and loads of crafting. Which is exactly what I am doing here. Love these paper mobiles and I would definitely want the circle one for thge chandelier above the main table.

I googled paper mobiles and got some ideas going. I might be ommittng the circular rod and use the two intersecting bamboo sticks instead and the fishing rod and well I dont know about which paper to use. Need to look up on that.

Did I mention that the other project was to acccentuate the room I am currently living in right now. To be posted soon. :)

Image source: image1 Caitlin Wilson design: Style Files
                      image 2 & 3 Daily Designs

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quote of the day!


It is just as disastrous to have the wrong accessories in your room as it is to wear sports shoes with an evening dress.

-Dorothy Draper
The wisest decor quote to live by!!
Have a Wonderful dreamy weekend.. :)   

source:    secrets of domestic bliss            

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jewels for your home!!

I just love the way glo described chandeliers in their article "See the Light"

" We like to think of chandeliers as jewelry for your home.."

Isn't this the prettiest description of chandeliers EVER!! Coz the thing is I also like to think of chandeliers as the sparkling beauties without which a room is incomplete like a woman without jewels!!

Here are some pretty ones to adorn your living spaces!

Ryan Glass Chandelier
This will certainly stand out like a jewel in the crown!!

Natural Shell Necklace chandelier

Led mini chandeliers by Chris Collicott

Led mini chandelier by Chris Collicott

Led mini chandeliers by Chris Collicott

Led mini chandeliers by Chris Collicott

Woody pendant lamp
image source: image 1 plantation design.com
                   image 2 shades of light
                   image 3,4,5, 6  Unicahome
                   image 7 Lights Up!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Is it only me or everyone in the bloggerville knows exactly where to go?

 Day after day I come across fabulously written posts with inspiration after inspiration. Image after image to mesmerize and drool me and I keep stumbling and pouncing upon each one of them thinking yes this is exactly what I want for my room. :) I know deep inside my heart everyone, all of those gorgeous talented ladies out there face the immensely inspired dilemma, however in my case i think I am bit hard to define.

Not having a defined career or any formal education in design and interiors my knowledge is pretty much limited to what I get from the blogs. Which ofcourse is alot and that is exactly what prompted me to start a blog to gather and shape it all.

So here is the deal: I am a not-a-defined-design-career-yet-without-formal-qulaificatoins blogger who is extremely inspred! What is a person who has never tested the deep waters of interiors and design suppose to do when it comes to interiors and decor who has been just bombarded with inspiration??!!!

Well I pondered over my question and here are a few answers I came up with:

Rate your posts: Every time you write a blog post rate it from 10 and see where it stands. Closer to 10 means that you wrote an original post which was true to your style less means you drifted. tried and ttested method

Honesty is the best policy: Be honest with what you are not fooling anyone when you say yes to vintage only coz your favourite blogger does so. Youl get caught turst me. Be honest with what you are.  ln love with ikea ? be cool with that love a mix of vintage and colours pretty good. Whatever you say or do about design stay honest with yourself.

Get going: Get your hands moving. Its all in you the creativity the style the design the beauty everything is inside you all you need is take it out. Create it around your space. Rearrange the room, design a cushion, paint the old chest or simply move the furniture around. Whatever your head and heart tells you. That is all there is: to DO all these things.

Organize and arrange ideas: When you manage to achieve this tell me how.

It will happen again and again and again. Your " i love " folder will go beyond you ever thought it could go and looking for something in it would be like swimming in a pool of creativity. Break it down as much as you can define your areas again and again and again. WELL I wont say that you will ever reach there but I can say is Yes you can be Clearer!!

We are all here for the same reason for the love of design and creativity. We love to get inspired we love to surround ourself with extreme beauty. Enjoy being  a part of it and Give it all you can.

There is no end to it Ever!! :)