Monday, February 22, 2010


These beautiful images are by Jessica Bennet's from her blog My Eye in a lense. For more of these perfections visit her blog.
And the only thing I can dream of right now is my a photo shoot of my husband and me with Jessica Bennet! :) What a delightful ream that is!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Color and Furniture

Did you know that there is an appliation which can actually help you in making your color scheme decisions! I never knew that! color scheme designer is the coolest gadget ever which can identify not only monotones but contrasts and analogic as well!! If there is a color expert that you need other than Maria Killam than this is it!

But no one can replace Maria Killam rememer that ( referring to Maria's post why you need to hire a color expert?)

And some weekend inspiration! I have never seen this unique furniture in my life! This site My interior decoration blog is a treat indeed. The more you scroll down the better it gets! You do need to visit this site if you enjoy innovative furnitur designs  And if not you still need to visit this site coz you will surely enjoy them!

The table from Piccolini

Jellyfish table and chair

sexy chair

Bathroom pedastals
For more visit the link given above.


Living room sofa: Petrie sofa

Isn't Petrie sofa, from Crate and Barrel, the most classic yet chic canvas to paint the whole room around? I find it the most neutral and the most versatile and pratical piece of furniture which has the capability to transform itself with the look of the room!! Here are some of the many looks which can be created with Petrie Sofa:

To add more interest there are several key pieces that add accent with the Petrie sofa:
Petrie single seater

petrie ottoman

Here are some amazing collages put together to create the entire room around te Petrie sofa.

 In the first look i won't use the same lamp, and as for the fabric of the chair I might use chevron or trellis or something else in black and white rather than this. But otherwise I am all for it.

 I won't change anything from this look 'but only add a beautiful coffee table and some white curtains or some amazing fabric pop in a cushion or a throw and voila! Just gorgeous! Don't you think?!

I am not sure if this collage has been created around Petrie sofa, but how darn well would it go with the it!! Its like it has been created just for Petrie sofa! The coffee table, the stool the lamps everything is just perfect I won't change aything from this except for the sofa!!

This in my opinion is folks the example of best livin room sofa EVER!!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

My Baby!

Hearty apologies for my absence from the bloggerville to my readers. Have been darn busy and itching to blog, but one cannot dismiss the world around.

Here is a weekly project which I was abe to create in time. This was an image inspired by another fellow blogger who pictured her son. I have misplaced my inspiration so I cannot credit. But here is my own version featuring my own daughter, who turned 16 this month (MA) may Allah protect her and keep her blessed and happy always.

Do let me know what you think coz I personally LOVE IT!!

And he is wearing lilac to be featured on my blog!.. :)

Have a lovely weekend!

image source: me

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day

Just had a frosted long valentine weekend!!! My husband and I were lucky enough to get away this valentines to the snowy mountains of Murree ( a beautiul resort) and spend the entire weekend there!!!

Well things did'nt go exactly according to the plan. And the day did'nt turn out exactly the day we wanted it to.

but isnt that the whole point of having a loved one in your life! I mean sometimes its not the most astoundng moment that makes your valentines day special, but the simplest such as sharing a snickers bar while watching a cheesy reality show in the bed!

This was the heart I carved out of the snow for my precious hubby. :)

How was your valentines weekend and day? What special things you did for your loved one?

Here are some more pics of our imperfect but sweet getaway!

Have a fabulous week ahead!!!

image source: me

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


These are my thrift shop finds!!! Aren't these great!! and for the prince i got them I was in skies.

I was lucky enough to find the great vintage wrought iron lamp in pair, but unfortunately I couldn't find the pair of the leather lamp. But i loved it so much that i vowed to make use of only one somewhere around the house.

And the little glass vase, which I hope you can see, was am amazing deal as well.

So? What do you think? what are your recent thrift finds? Anything you are excited about?

image source: me

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inspiration: decor blog

Purple area is full of inspiration and is my inspiration for the day. Infact for the rest of the week.

It is amazing!

Check out for more delectably beautiful stuff!!

image source: Purple area

Relax and enjoy: absolutely beautiful image

What an absolutely beautiful image from this lovely blog Oliveaux !!

I had a really long day spent at the thrift shops.. got some great deals on lamps and embroidered clothes!! will be featuring them very soon.. I am off for the blogstroll..

Enjoy this absolutely beautiful image!

And sit back and relax! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home Decor: How to decorate large spaces?

Use of space is one of the strongest issues regearding home decor. I find large spaces just as challenging as small spaces during the process, or rather journey, of home decor. Sprawling wide spaces opened like canvas are more likely to go out of hands and failing to meet the vision during the home decor process than the smaller ones, which are prone to go towards the crampy side. So here are a few tips to create a beauty out of an open

Furniture placement:

1- Group pieces of furniture into two or more separate seating arrangements. Use a divan to fill a corner in a living room or to add more seating arrangement. Add a reading corner or a console for added storage.

2- Place the furniture away from the wall to create an oasis in the room rather than a huge pool of dead space left undefined in the middle. Instead of arranging it in a traditional-according-to-the-wall arrangement you can create a semi circle or you can play around with your key pieces.

3- Arrange the room around a focal point such as a fireplace or a home theatre system in the living room. Or make a bold piece of art, wall colour or furniture the focal point to arrange the rest of the room.

4- Rule of the thumb for decorating large spaces is: divide, define and harmonise
Divide the room in various sections by grouping pieces of furniture together. This does not require formal markings of the space it can be done with the use of furniture and rugs very effectively.

Define the purpose of the room and than use that as to further describe the purpose of  that space in accordance

And finally unify it with a common feature such as colours, textures, art or rugs to create harmony.

5- Go big. Use large art and large patterns to match the proportion of the room. When you have a large expanse of wall, you can fill it with a large art piece or a large grouping of smaller pieces. But avoid small pieces hanging alone on the wall. They would appear lost in the space. The same principle applies to the furniture. A small chair or sofa would be lost in a space. To bring the desired effect pieces should be bold enough to dominate the space and create the desired drama.

6- Get some zones going in the room using colours and rugs.


7- To create the effect of coziness use warm color tones rather than the white which adds to thhe spaciousness of the room.warmccolorsforthe wall. Experiment with warm and dark colors on your wall to make the room look cozier and friendlier.

8- Blank white walls are the most basic and the most challenging canvas anyone can have. Use it as that! and bring out your creativity!

The bottom line is any time you move into a new space, whether large or small, it seems empty and big. The key to decorate a large space like a small one is to live there. Fins out what the space inspires in you or what you want the space to do for you. Put up a few things slowly and when you can - a few favorite pictures, a swatch of bright fabric, etc. In a year you'll have a space that reflects you an is in stark contrast to the blank walls you had before.


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