Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hi all!
Happy Manic Monday! I know mine is coz over the weekend I moved into this new place and its all scattered now.. Oh Well! and what is a monday morning without some inspiration! here are some beautiful inspirations to kick start you week.

For more inspiration move over to The fabric of my life

Have a very lovely inspiration filled week ahead everyone!

image source: The fabric of my life

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Give Peace a chance: Relax!!

Serenity and Calm are the two words that will define 2010 for me. Surreal hunh?!

NOT IF YOU MAKE Serenity a LIFESTYle and calm a HABIT!!

While making my new year resolutions I sat down and wrote the goals that I wanted to achieve.  I wrote that I wanted better abs. I wanted to earn money ( If I manage to live through this year that is! I am always skeptical about future and the uncertanity of life) I wanted to work on my language skills do yoga etc.

But what was the real dig that I wanted out of these 365 days of y life?

What will all these things give me?

Its said that while making new year resolutions the method that works the most is naming the year_ Defining what you want out of this year. For example, this year you want to improve your relationships at work, in home, neihbourhood etc. You'd name the year as The year of relationships.

So my year would be called The year of Serenity, peace and Calm.

Life is full of jostles and hassles. How on earth am I going to make this year The year of Serenity Peace and Calm.!!

Well here is what I came up with:

- Breathe: Not the shallow breaths taht we call breathing but real Breathing. Take it eep inside. Fill your belly with as much air as you can till your tummy expands like a balloon, give a naural pause and than release all the toxic air slowly, gently till your stomach shrnks to reach your waist. FEEL the air entering from your nose travelling through your lungs and reaching your belly and than making its way back. Key to calm.

- Enjoy the moment. Live it. Notice the bird flying in the sky follow its movement: the dive, the curl, the float. Feel the taste of lemon in my mouth Savour its biting juice enticing your taste buds. Smell my babys innocent fragrance. Hear her breathe and feel myself breathe. The key to serenity Take a pause out of life and listen to the life flowing around.

- Make lists of everything!!: Whatever is in your head should be out on paper. Plan the weeks menu over the weekend and buy grocery. Jot down all those creative ideas for your project buzzing in your head. Its always better to make a mind map or a sketch of what you can see through your minds eye Shopping lists, phone numbers, things-to-do, things to blog about. Anything and everything. There is no use of filling your mind space with stuff which you can easily bring on a piece of paper and review. Clear your mind of all this extra it will only clog.  

- De-clutter and organize: Get rid of all the extra stuff. Stuff that you see lying around and don't use or does'nt seem like you can use. Arrage and organize every bit of your living space. Create Zen in your environment. Arrange those socks, laundry, documents, clothes. Invest in organizational pieces and FIND a place for everything. Make clean spaces around yourslef. Place foliage to relieve your sour eyes. Find some white or sky blue around yourself. Whatever that brings you calm peace serenity and sanity:P

- Pray.

- Take really good care of yourself: Put on a face mask, give yourself an almond oil massage, perk your hair with a hair treatment. Eat alot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Drink green tea. Practice yoga and work on your posture. Its really tempting to slump or give into coffee and fries and cakes but this binging is not half as rewarding as taking really good care of yourself and reaping the benefits of peace, calm and serenity.

- Visualize the serenity, the peace, the clam that you feel within yourself and soon it will be at your doorstep.

Make serenity and calm alifestyle a habit.

Give peace a chance: Relax!!

Enjoy the serenity of these images!

image source: image 1 attic ma
                     image 2 renovation therapy
                     image 3
                     image 4 eco furniture
                     image 5 the elendra

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chocolate and turquoise changing table

For my little princess Inayah we have this changing table which we designed out of a computer table!! Pretty chic hunh? I absolutely love the usefulness of this table and I love the color scheme which was pretty much an accident! Now all I need is to paint the copper handles a beautiful shade of turquoise and place a chocolate framed pic of our baby doll and all is done. :)

What do you think? Any suggestions and queries are welcomed. I'd also post some more details of the table after I am done with the finished result.

Have an absolutely fabulous day!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to organize magazines?

The most pressing organization challenge: HOW to arrange those piles of magazines you love so much? How about this: I am always always in search of ideas to arrange my hoard. And here are some fantastic ones I found.

There is always the option of displaying them on the ottoman or on the sideboard stacked neatly in a box or a wooden tray.

But I am completely overhauled by this ladder for magazines. What a neat way to store and display your beloved collection. That is the best solution in my opinion which doesnt say high maintainence written over it.


I also love this bedside table which has a separate curve to create space for your nightly magazine tosses from the bed. Isnt this awesome! All your current faves within an arms length from your bed!

Any ideas or suggestions on this issue of arranging the magazines would be welcome. Do let me know how do you manage your stacks around the house? What is your favourite magazine organization method, nook, corner?

Have a lovely day!

image source: image 1 inside home
                     image 2 absolutely beautiful things
                     image 3 inside home
                     image 4 design within reach

Friday, January 15, 2010

Key to the castle!

What gorgeous ways to use the skeleton key!

image source: image 1 sensational 
                     image chaute design
                     image 3 olive on etsy
                     image 4 & 5 sensational
                     image 6 the happy home

New year Resolutions 2010

I am not much of a New Year Resolution person, but I was impressed with everyone creating their own lists and reviewing their past year and everything. So I got motivated to write some of my own.

It is said that once on paper or once written a goal stands a greater chance of being achieved rather than being stored inside the dreary closet of the mind.

So I decided to write my own and see where I am heading this coming year! What aspirations are raising their heads in my brain, and well who knows, I might be reviewing these small steps and feeling victorious by the end of 2010. Who Knows!

Here is what i want to achieve this year! The only tools that I am carrying with myself right now in the achievement of these goals is the belief that I WILL be able to achieve them and so much more no matter what.


image source: me

Monday, January 4, 2010

Must read blogs: Photography

Here is THE most extensive blog post about photography EVER. A Must visit post for all the bloggers out there. And if you are someone who just wants to have fun with your photos than this is the place to be. This is where you would find out what are the best available options out there for our photographical needs.This would be my New Year gift to you! :)

The one I have chosen for myself out of what looked like dozens of online programs is, Picnik, which is used in flickr. But there is lots for everyone virtual haircuts, animations, collages, magazine covers great fun stuff!! Its really amazing.

Here is what I have created for myself: An inspirational collage for Our Home!! Yes this time of the year I was completely busy with this new place we are buying. (Details soon to come). Completely overwhelmed with the density of the project, and excited as well. So here is my first collage that I have created.

What do you think? Pretty cool hunh?!

Happy New Year Everyone !